Important: These steps must be performed by Paladin Support, and require an Avalara AvaTax™ account. To sign up for the Avalara AvaTax™ service, see How to get started with Avalara AvaTax™.

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. Click the Taxes tab.
  3. In the Invoices pane, select the Use Avalara for Sales Tax Calculation checkbox.
    Avalara setup taxes window
  4. Enter the Avalara AvaTax™ credentials:
    1. In the Account Number box, enter the client’s Avalara AvaTax™ account number.
    2. In the Account Key box, enter the client’s Avalara AvaTax™ software license key.
    3. In the Company Code box, enter the company code from the AvaTax Admin Console.
    4. In the Batch Company ID box, enter the batch company ID from the AvaTax Admin Console.
    5. In the Batch UID box enter the client’s username from the AvaTax Admin Console.
    6. In the Batch PWD box, enter the client’s password from the AvaTax Admin Console.
  5. Click the Test Connection button, and verify the Avalara AvaTax™ connection. One of the following messages will appear:
    • Successfully connected to Avalara: Continue with the next step.
    • Failed to connect to Avalara: You must troubleshoot and resolve the connection issue before continuing.
  6. The following options are turned off by default, because they are not required for most clients. If an option is required, select the checkbox.
    • Default to Customer Address:  If the store primarily delivers purchased products to the customer, select this option., so that Avalara AvaTax™ calculates tax using the customer’s address. When this option is not selected, tax is calculated using the store’s location.
    • Calculate Tax Only (do not commit): If the store submits invoices from a different system (not Paladin Point of Sale) that integrates with Avalara AvaTax™, select this option so that Paladin Point of Sale uses the Avalara AvaTax™ service to calculate the tax, but it does not submit the invoice.
    • Disable Address Validation: If the store uses another system to validate addresses, select this option.
    • Log Avalara Calls: If you are troubleshooting and issue and need a detailed transaction log, select this option.
  7. Optional: Test the services before going live.
    1. In the Test Settings pane, enter the values provided by Avalara:
      • Test Account Number
      • Test Account Key
      • Test Company Code
      • Test Batch Company ID
      • Test Batch UID
      • Test Batch PWD
    2. To turn on the test mode, select the Use Avalara in Test Mode only checkbox.

      IMPORTANT: After testing is complete, and you are ready to go live with the Avalara AvaTax™ service, clear the Use Avalara in Test Mode only checkbox, and then save your changes.

  8. Click Save, and then click Close.

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