To automatically collect an additional set fee when you sell an item, such as recycle fee or a battery core charge deposit, follow these steps:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, turn on the core charge feature:
    1. On the File menu, click setup and then go to the Invoice (Store)
    2. Select the Use Alternate Core Charge Identifier checkbox.
    3. Optional: In the Core Charge Identifier box, enter a name for the fee that will appear on the invoice and receipt. This name will also be used throughout Paladin for this feature, including the fee setting in the inventory item and the fee details report in the Reports module.
    4. Click Save and then click Close.
    5. Restart Paladin.
  2. Set the fee(s) on the inventory item(s).
    1. In the Inventory module, open the item.
    2. Click the General tab.
    3. In the Item Information pane, in the box labeled Core Charge or the custom name you defined in the last step, enter the fee amount.
    4. If you want to see a breakdown of fees by class in the fee details report (Reports module > Sales Analysis > What I Need To Know), make sure a class is selected.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat these step 2 for all inventory items with fees.
  3. Restart Paladin.

After you set a fee, when you add the item to an invoice, the fee will be automatically added as a separate line item.

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Printed on: 10/27/20