Note: You must recall the quote before you can sell the quote. If you want to sell the items incrementally over time, you can turn an quote into an order. To learn more, see Sell items over time with Order Manager.

  1. Open Paladin POS.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Invoice/Quote module.
  3. In the Customer list, select or enter the customer name, and then press Enter.
  4. Highlight the customer name, and then click Select Customer.
  5. On the bottom ribbon, click Recall Transaction.
  6. In the Recall Transaction window, select the Quote option.

Note: If you select the Show For All Accounts check box, every quote will appear.

  1. Highlight the Quote, and then click Recall.
  2. Process the sale from the quote.
  3. To add items to this transaction, follow one of these steps:
    • In the Invoice/Quote tab, highlight a line item
    • On the bottom ribbon, click Advanced Lookup, highlight the quote, and then click Add Items to Invoice.
    • Add more items to this transaction or Click F8/Checkout and proceed.
  4. On the bottom ribbon, click Checkout.
  5. When the transaction is complete, in the Delete Stored Transaction window, this message will appear: Delete Stored Quote? Click one of the following options:
    • Delete (to delete the stored quote)
    • Next (to save the stored quote)
  6. In the Transaction complete window, click Done OR choose the following options:
    • Duplicate Receipt
    • Full Sheet Invoice
    • Yard Order
    • Delivery Copy
    • Email Receipt

Note: To use this option, the customer account must already be set up with an email account.

  1. Click Done.


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Printed on: 10/19/21