1. On the top ribbon, click the PO module.
  2. Click Find PO, and then select the purchase order that contains the special order items.
  3. Verify that the received item quantities and costs on the purchase order are correct.
  4. On the Receive PO tab, click Process or press F8.
  5. In the Confirm Receive tab, click Process of press F1.
  6. Optional:  In the PO Freight Cost window, enter the Freight Cost, and then click OK or press F8.
  7. In the Special Order window, click Yes to add the purchase order freight cost to your special order.


  • When you receive a purchase order with special order items, and you enter a freight cost, this message will appear:  
    Add freigh cost to SO
    If you click Yes or press Y, a line item is added to the associated special order for the freight cost, and additional notes are included that identify the purchase order number and date and time the items were received.
  • If a special order required more than one purchase order or the special order items on a purchase order are received at different times, the special order invoice can include multiple freight costs.
  • If you do not want to add the freight cost to the special order during receiving, you can add the freight cost to the customer invoice when you complete the sale.  After you create it, you cannot add freight cost or make any other changes to a special order.

See the following screenshots.

Enter Freight Cost window

Add freigh cost to SO

Ask for Freigh Cost window

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Printed on: 12/08/21