To learn more about this August 4 and August 5 promotion, go to Drumming up support for Miracle Bucket Days.

This article includes the following procedures:

  • Preliminary steps
  • How to process the promotion transaction
  • How to create an Items Sold Report and submit the amount due to Ace Hardware Miracle Bucket Days

Preliminary steps

  1. Make sure that part number 1503390 is in your Paladin Point of Sale system, is set as non-taxable, and includes this description:  Plastic Pail 5 GL CMN for $5.59 retail price.
    • If the part number is not found, see How to add an item to inventory.
    • Optional:  Set this auto-text message to appear on each receipt:  Children’s Miracle Network Bucket apply 20% off after this SKU
  2. In the Sales List, make sure it includes a Special Purchase 8/4-8/5 with SKU 1503390 and a price of $5.00.
  3. In the Pricing Plan for the Sale LIst, select the Apply to all transactions checkbox, select the Date Range checkbox, and then select a date range of August 4 through August 5.

How to process the promotion transaction

  1. In the Invoice/Quote module, in the Part Number box, enter this bucket SKU number:  1503390
  2. Scan the items that the customer has placed in the bucket, and then press and hold the CTRL key while you select each item separately.
  3. On the bottom ribbon, click Discount Item or press F4.
  4. In the Discount Window, select 20%.
  5. In the Manager Approval window, enter the manager password.

    Note to manager:  Optional:  To disable the manager password requirement, in the Company tab, in the Manager Approval pane, make sure that the Discounting Requires Manager Approval checkbox is not selected.

How to create an Items Sold Report and submit the amount due to Ace Hardware Miracle Bucket Days

  1. At the end of the promotion, create an Items Sold Report on part number 1503390 to determine how many buckets were sold.  To learn more, see How to create the Items Sold Report.
  2. Complete the donation reporting form that was provided by Ace Hardware.
  3. Pay the amount in one of the following ways:
    • Send a check that is payable to the Ace Hardware Foundation for the total donation amount due.
    • Call the Ace Hardware Foundation to have the total donation amount due included on your statement.

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Printed on: 6/29/22