Note: This feature is for non-EDI suppliers only.

A new Receive PO mode in your RF unit lets you scan newly-arrived items and enter received quantities. Paladin automatically assigns the received quantities to your open purchase orders. When you have scanned all the items, you can view and reconcile the ordered and received item amounts for each purchase order. Before you complete the receiving process, supplier costs and received amounts can be changed.

Step 1: Find the Paladin supplier number

The supplier number associates the received items with the purchase orders. To start the RF PO Receiving process, you need the supplier number. If you do not know the supplier number:

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Inventory module.
  2. Display one of the received items.
  3. Select the Order Control tab.
  4. In the Suppliers pane, in the Supplier 1 list, the supplier number will appear to the left of the supplier name.

Use the RF unit to scan items and enter quantities.

  1. On the RF unit, press ON.
  2. If required, sign in.
  3. When the list of options appears, select Receive PO.

Note: If the RF Inbound Receiving mode (RF receiving for EDI suppliers) option appears, select More, and then select Receive PO.

  1.  When the Non-EDI supplier # prompt appears, enter the supplier number.

Step 2: Scan an item

If the item exists in an open PO for this supplier, the following information will appear:

    • Part number
    • Alternate part number
    • Description
    • ORD= <Item quantity in open POs for this supplier>
    • QTY= __
      • A prompt for entering the item quantity in this shipment.
      • If this item has already been scanned, or if the item is found in more than one part of the shipment, a non-zero value will appear.  You can enter a different quantity or scan the next item to continue.
  1. Enter the item quantity that you received at the QTY= prompt.

Note: When you enter an item quantity, Paladin will temporarily assign this quantity to open purchase orders. If the item is on more than one purchase order, the oldest purchase order will be filled first. Assignments can be edited later.
     2. For all items in the shipment, repeat step 1.
     3.When all items have been scanned, turn off the RF unit.

Step 3: Review and edit purchase order quantities and receive the items

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the PO module.
  2. On the bottom ribbon of the module, click Mode/PO to change to Mode/Receive.
  3. On the bottom ribbon of the module, select Review RF Receiving.
  4. In the Find PO window, in PO Details pane, in the Supplier list, select the supplier.
  5. In the Matching Purchase Orders pane, purchase orders for the selected supplier will appear. These purchase orders have items that were scanned during the RF PO Receiving process.

6. In the Matching Purchase Orders pane, highlight a purchase order, and then click F12 Open. An RF PO Receiving window appears with information for each purchase order item. The Cost and Scanned Qty columns are editable, and any changes will appear in the receiving history of the purchase order.

  1. If you have questions about an item’s received quantity, in the RF PO Receiving window, click the item’s magnifying glass. A Receiving History window with a detailed history of received quantity changes will appear. This history includes the RF PO Receive quantities that were assigned by Paladin and manual changes made in RF PO Receiving window.

This Receiving History value Means this
Date The date of the update.
Time The time of the update.
Employee The employee ID of the person who made the update.
Note: If the RF Login feature is not turned on, then the ID of the employee who was signed into Paladin when the RF unit was activated will appear.

One of the following:

  • The RF Unit ID for RF scan updates.
  • The terminal ID for manual updates by an employee.

One of the following:

  • RF_REC: Paladin assigned the quantity during the RF PO Receive process.
  • Manual: An employee manually set the quantity.

Note: If a scanned quantity is changed during a purchase order review, the Source will change from RF_REC to Manual.

QTY Rcvd The updated quantity.
  1. Optional: In the Receiving History window, to create a report, click Report.
  2. To close the window, click Done.
  3. To complete the purchase order and update stock on hand (SOH) quantities, in the RF PO Receiving window, click F12 Receive.
  4. In the PO Freight Cost window, enter the freight cost (optional), and then click OK to complete the purchase order process.
  5. Repeat the steps 4-11 for all purchase orders associated with the RF PO Receiving process.

Note: In the P.O. module, if you try to receive a purchase order that has RF-scanned items applied to it without using the Review RF Receiving feature, the following message will appear, and you will be redirected to the RF PO Receiving window.

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Printed on: 6/24/22