Note: set up this feature, refer to this KBA:  EDI:  How to set up RF Inbound Receiving for EDI suppliers

With the Inbound Receiving feature, you scan newly-received items from EDI suppliers and enter the received quantities on your RF unit.  Then, in Paladin Point of Sale, you can quickly reconcile the physically-received quantities with the corresponding EDI invoice quantities. This feature can be used for single-stores and multi-stores.

Other advantages to the Inbound Receiving feature:

  • It makes EDI receiving efficient and accurate.
  • It identifies discrepancies between the EDI supplier invoice amounts and the number of items that you physically received, so you can investigate the difference.  Discrepancies on high-priced items can have a significant financial impact.
  • Before you reconcile, you can make changes to the received quantities.

IMPORTANT:  Before you use the RF Inbound Receiving feature to scan received items, you must process the associated EDI invoices in Paladin Point of Sale.  Inbound receiving must occur within 48 hours of the date and time that you processed the invoice.

  1. Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the top ribbon, click Inventory or press ALT + 3.
  3. If you have not downloaded and processed the EDI invoices associated with the shipment (EDI > Download Files), on the bottom ribbon, click EDI or press F9, click Download Files, and then process the EDI files. When EDI processing completes, close the EDI Processing window.
  4. On the bottom ribbon, click RF Unit or press F10.
  5. Turn on the RF unit.
  6. Select More, and then select 2. Inbound Receiving.

  1. Scan each physically-received item, and enter the received quantity on the RF unit.
  2. When you have scanned all the items in the shipment, turn off the RF unit.
  3. In Paladin Point of Sale, on the top ribbon, click the Inventory module or press ALT + 3.
  4. On the bottom ribbon, click EDI or press F9.
  5. In the EDI Processing window, click Reporting.
  6. In the EDI Reporting window, select an EDI invoice that is associated with the received items, and then click Inbound Receiving.
  7. In the EDI Inbound Receiving window, compare the quantities you entered on the RF unit (Rec Qty) with the EDI invoice quantities (Ship Qty).
    • By default, only items with different Ship Qty and Rec Qty values will appear. To show all items on the invoice, select Show All.
    • You can edit the Rec Qty value without any time limits.

  1. When you have compared all the quantities and made any changes, do one of the following:
    • If you want to finalize received quantities and adjust stock on hand, click Reconcile, and then click Yes in the confirmation message. When you reconcile the invoice, no further changes to received quantities are allowed.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    • If you want save your Rec Qty changes, and then reconcile the invoice and update stock on hand later, click Save Changes.

Note: If you open an invoice that has already been reconciled, an informational message will appear at the bottom of the window, and you cannot make further changes.

  1. Repeat steps 12-14 for all EDI invoices associated with your physically-received items.
  2. When you are done, close the EDI Reporting and EDI Processing windows.

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Printed on: 1/24/22