1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
    2. On the top ribbon, click the P. O. module.
    3. On the bottom ribbon, on the Mode button, make sure that P.O. is selected

P.O. Receive button

    1. On the bottom ribbon, click Recall P.O.
    2. Look for purchase orders by supplier with the name Items Sold <supplier name> that were created on the day you ran the Items Sold Report.
    3. To view a purchase order in the list, highlight the purchase order, and then click Recall or press F12.
    4. To buy the items, verify the purchase order content, and then, on the bottom ribbon, click Confirm P.O. or press F8.
    5. On the bottom ribbon, click Buy or press F1.
    6. In the P.O. Number window, enter a number for the purchase order or click Next to accept a default number.
    7. To print the purchase order, select a print option.
    8. Click Done.

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Printed on: 10/25/21