Although the wording in Paladin is to “delete” a customer account, you are actually only inactivating them. They are not deleted and can be recalled/activated at any time. Work is being done to clear up the terms and will be addressed in future releases, but for now, be confident that customer account information is not deleted and can be reinstated. Therefore, in this article, we will use the term “inactivate” unless referring to various messages and buttons that use the term “delete.”

To inactivate a customer account in Paladin:

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Customers module.
  2. In the Customers tab, in the Customer list, select a customer.
  3. Select the Balances tab.
  4. On the bottom ribbon, click F5 Account Payment.
  5. In the Account Payment window, under the Totals pane, in the Discount Allowed box, enter the total amount owed.
  6. In the Amount of Payment box, enter this amount: 0.00
  7. In the Check number box, enter this amount: 0000
  8. Click F12 Accept.
  9. Select the Credit tab.
  10. In the Credit pane, in the Credit Limit box, enter this amount: 0
  11. On the bottom ribbon, select the F6 Payment Management module.
  12. In the Credit Invoices pane, select the line item that includes the Discount Allowed amount.
  13. In the Credit Notes Field, click inside the empty field, enter notes, and then click Save Item.
  14. On the bottom ribbon, select F2 Delete Customer.
  15. In the Delete Customer window, click Delete. Again, even though the message states that the customer will be permanently deleted, they will not be and can be recalled/activated at any time.

For steps to recall/activate a customer account, click here.

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Printed on: 5/16/22