Tip The image below the instructions shows where the text and images will appear on the receipt.

  1. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Forms tab.
  2. Optional: In the Form Information pane, enter information in any of the following boxes:
    • Advance By-Line 1 (and optional Advance By-Line 2)
    • Trailer By-Line 1 (and optional Trailer By-Line 2)

            Note: This message does not appear on the big form.

    • Footer Line 1 (and optional additional information in the remaining numbered boxes)
    • Invoice/Receipt Description (or accept INVOICE as the default)
  3. Optional: In the Logo pane, click Upload, and then browse to the image of the logo. Your logo image file cannot be larger than 1 MB in size. and the image file must be one of these types:
    • PNG (.png) [recommended]
    • GIF (.gif)
    • TIF (.tif)
    • BMP (.bmp) [not recommended]
  4. Optional: In the Invoice QR Code pane, select the Enable Invoice QR Code check box, click Upload, and then browse to the image of the logo to select it.

    Multi-store note: If you run the multi-store version of Paladin, each store location can upload a distinct QR code for their location.

  5. Optional: In the QR Message 1 box, enter your message (and optional additional information in the remaining numbered boxes).
  6. Click Save, and then click Close.

If you want to customize the message on emailed invoices, see How to add a custom message on emailed receipts.

Sample invoice with annotated message text

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Printed on: 1/28/22