This report exports Paladin Point of Sale customer account information for customers who made purchases during a time period you specify. To export customer type values, you must select the Export To Excel

Customer type details are provided in these spreadsheet columns:

  • Customer Type ID: The integer ID assigned to the customer type in Paladin Point of Sale.
    Example: 16
  • Customer Type: The customer type name.
    Example: Farm/Agriculture
  • Customer Type Code: The customer type code used by your supplier.
    Example: P

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. Click the Reports module or press ALT + 5.
  3. In the Report Area pane, click Customers, and then click Ranking.
  4. In the Report List pane, click Customer Sales Ranking.
  5. In the Choose Report pane, click Next or press F12.
  6. In the Reports Settings pane, select a Starting Date and Ending Date for the report.
  7. Select the Export To Excel
  8. In the Sorting Options pane, click F12 Run Report.
  9. An Excel spreadsheet will appear. If it doesn’t open on your screen, it may be minimized in the task bar. The customer type information will be in the last three columns.

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Printed on: 5/16/22