1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the Maintain menu, click Data Viewer.
  3. In the Paladin POS Data Viewer window, click Invoices.
  4. On the Invoices tab, click the Import tab.
  5. In the Export File Template list, select the file type that you want to use to import your invoice data, and then click Export.
    • IMPORTANT:  Depending on you the file format you selected, an XML or Excel template file opens with sample data. Save this file to your computer, and use it to create your invoice import file. To create a tab-delimited file, download the Excel template, and save it as a tab-delimited text (.txt) file.
  6. With the template that you downloaded, create an invoice transaction file. Make sure that the data titles match and the transaction values are formatted to match the sample data in the template. If you are using an XML file, you may want to use an XML validator before you import the file into Paladin Point of Sale. When you are ready to import the file into Paladin Point of Sale, see How to import invoice transactions into Paladin Point of Sale.

Import invoice tab in data viewer

Invoice importer download schema

Invoice Importer Excel example template

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Printed on: 1/24/22