This article describes how to create a list of voided transactions. This report will show the content of the original invoice, the employee ID used to perform the void, and the dollar amount of the original transaction. All quantities, costs, retails and extensions will remain zero.

  1. Open Paladin POS.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Reports module.
  3. In the Reports tab, in the Report Area pane, click Sales Analysis, and then click What I Need To Know.
  4. In the Report List pane, click Transaction Report.
  5. In the Choose Report pane, click F12 Next.
  6. In Transaction Report window, in the Report Settings pane, in the InvoiceDate row, click the arrow to
    select a Beginning date and an Ending date.
  7. In the Additional Settings pane, in the Keyword Search list, select NoteField.
  8. In the box next to Note Field, enter Voided.
  9. In the Sorting Options pane, click F12 Run Report.


  • The Beginning and Ending date range should include the date that the invoice was created, not the date that it was voided.
  • If you enter a customer account number to void an invoice, the result will not appear in a search by account number.
  • If you void an invoice in a period of time that has already been balanced and reported to the general ledger, the general ledger and Paladin POS will be out of balance.
  • If you void a transaction that was paid by CHARGE (or a Payment on Account) on a prior day, it will remove the transaction from accounts receivable and cause the daily reconciliation with the general
    ledger to be out of balance. If you void a transaction paid by credit card, it will not issue a refund or reverse the amount that was charged to the credit card.
  • If you write a reversal invoice, use today’s date to offset or reverse an unwanted invoice that was recorded in Paladin POS on a previous date. Do not void the original invoice.


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Printed on: 12/08/21