To use this feature, Rich Rewards single-use coupons must be turned on in your store. If you want to turn on single-use coupons, Submit a Help Request.

  1. Verify the department and class to use for single-coupons. To look up the single-use coupon class in Rich Rewards settings, do this:
    1. On the File menu, click Setup.
    2. Click the Rewards tab.
    3. Look for the Single-Use Coupon Class value. This is the single-use coupon class ID.
      Note: If the box is blank, single-use coupons are not turned on, and you must contact Paladin Support.
    4. Close the Paladin Configuration window.
  2. Click the Inventory module.
  3. Click Add Item or press F2, and enter these values. A $5 off coupon is used as the example.
    For this value Enter this
    Part #

    An easy-to-remember part # for the cashier to type in.
    Example: Coupon5

    Alt Part # Optional and can be blank.
    Description A short description of the coupon.
    Example: $5.00 Off Coupon
    Sell Price The coupon discount entered as a negative number.
    Example: -5.00


    Department Select the department to use for single-use coupons. Unlike the single-use coupon class, the department does not need to be restricted to single-use coupons.
  4. Click Add or press F12.
  5. Click the General tab.
  6. Select the Non-inventory checkbox.
  7. In the Classes pane, in the Class row, in any column, select the single-use coupon class.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Restart Paladin. 
  10. Click the Invoice/Quote module and enter the Part # for the single use coupon you created. Verify that coupon appears correctly with a negative value.

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Printed on: 12/08/21