The feature lets you set up a report to run automatically and a daily, weekly or monthly interval and/or set up a button on the bottom ribbon to run the report with predefined settings. This feature is useful for reports that you run frequently.

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Reports module.
  3. Select the report that you want to schedule.
  4. On the bottom ribbon, click  Create Preset or press F11.
  5. In the Report Preset Settings pane, select an unused Report Preset number. 
  6. In the Additional Settings pane, in the Button name box, enter a name for the report preset (scheduled report).  
  7. In the Schedule Report list, select the automatic report interval. If you don’t want the report to run automatically, select None. In both cases, the report will appear on the bottom ribbon. You can run it at any time by clicking the report button on the bottom ribbon or by pressing the corresponding function key.
  8. Click Next or press F12.
  9. Specify the report settings, and then click Save Preset or press F12 to create and schedule (if desired) the report preset.


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Printed on: 5/18/22