For each supplier, you can automatically import a list of items and create pending purchase orders for active inventory items.  Then, you can confirm, buy, and receive these purchase orders.  The purchase order import feature is useful for the following tasks:

  • Automating the time-consuming task of manually updating inventory items that were received outside of the normal purchasing process. For example, you may have received items from a trade show purchase or manufacturer’s special promotion.
  • Determining from a large list of items which items are carried . For example, if a supplier gives you a list of sale items, you can import the item and price information, create a purchase order that contains only those items that are in active inventory, and then modify the purchase order for the items that you want to buy.
  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Maintain menu, and then select Data Viewer.
  3. Click the Purchase Orders tab, and then click the Import tab.Open the Import tabs
  4. To import your list of items, in the Export File Template list, select the type of file format that you use.  It must be one of the following file formats:
    • Excel (.xls)
    • Tab-delimited text file

Open Excel and TXT templates

5.  When you have formatted the item information, save and close the file.

Example import file

6.  Click the ellipsis (…), select the Excel or Tab delimited file, and then click Process.

Opening the import file

Items in the file will be added to the pending purchase order only when they match active inventory items in Paladin Point of Sale. If a match is not found, or the format is not correct, the line is skipped. At the end of the import process, a message will appear with the number of pending purchase orders that were created and the number of lines that were skipped.

Message with # PO and # skipped lines

7.  When the import process is completed, open the original import file to view a new STATUS column that identifies skipped lines.

STATUS row showing lines skipped

8.  In the P.O. module, you can view, edit, confirm, and buy (send to the supplier) the pending purchase orders.


  • For EDI suppliers:  Purchased items will be automatically received through the EDI process.
  • For non-EDI suppliers:  On the bottom ribbon, click Receive (or press F5) to receive the delivered items.

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Printed on: 6/29/22