This feature will simultaneously create a new PO for the backordered items while closing and cancelling the backorders on the existing PO. The items on the new PO can be modified and you can add more items and enter notes, such as note to your supplier.

  1. In the PO module, in PO Receive Mode (F5), use the Find PO feature (F6), to search for and select, but do not open, the purchase order.
  2. At the bottom of the Find PO window, click Revise PO.
  3. In the confirmation window, click Yes to confirm your intention and this happens:
    • A new PO is created with the backordered items.
    • The current backorder is cancelled, and the corresponding PO is closed.
    • The Recall Transaction window appears with the new PO selected in the list. The name will be Revise PO ###, where ### is the new PO number. The PO memo will record the ID of the employee logged in and the current date.

      New PO in Find PO window

  4. To view and edit the new PO, click Recall Transaction or press F12. The new PO will appear with the previously backordered items and a note with the same info as the memo. The note cannot be removed.

    New PO with backordered items

  5. You can edit the line items and add additional items or notes. When you’re done, use the normal process to send the PO to your supplier.

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Printed on: 6/29/22