1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. Click the Maintain menu, and then click Data Viewer.
  3. In the Paladin POS Data Viewer, click the GL Summary tab.
  4. In the Date Range boxes, click to select the beginning and ending dates in the calendars.
  5. Click Get Data.The data will appear in the Totals Balance pane.
  6. In the Export list, select a format for exporting the data.
    • Tab Delimited: This format works best for exporting and re-importing data.
    • Quickbooks: Select from a few versions of Quickbooks.
  7. Click Export.
  8. In the Save As window, in the File name box, enter a name for the file.
  9. In the Save as Type: list, select Text (.txt) Files or QuickBook Files, browse to the Desktop, and then click Save to save the file on the desktop.
  10. Optional: Import the file into accounting software.


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Printed on: 11/27/20