Note: To create a customer BOGO promotion using the Paladin Point of Sale BOGO designer, you must have access to the Paladin Configuration window.  To access this window, in Paladin go to File > Setup.

  1. Decide which type of BOGO sale you want to create. There are three options:

    This BOGO type

    Offers this promotion

    Buy One Get One

    Buy one (or more) of an item and get one (or more) of the same item for free or at a discount.


    ·         Buy 1, get one free (Get 2 for 1)

    ·         Buy 1, get 50% off the second item

    Mix and Match

    Buy one (or more) of an item and get one (or more) of a different item in the same sale list for free or at a discount.


    ·         Buy a BBQ and get a BBQ cover free (same sale list)


    Buy One Get Another

    Buy one (or more) of an item and get one (or more) of an item from a different sale list at a discount.



    ·         Buy a BBQ and get a BBQ cover free (same sale list)


  2. Go to File > Setup and click the Sale List tab.
  3. In the Sales pane, enter a Name for the sale list, set the sale Type to Advanced Sale, and then click Save.
    • If you are creating a Buy One Get Another BOGO sale, you will need two sale lists—one for the full-priced item(s) and one for the discounted items(s). Otherwise, create only one sale list.
  4. Select the sale list and add the BOGO items. You can do this in two ways:
    • Import the sale list: Create a tab-delimited file with two columns for part number and price. Then, in the Sales pane, select the sale list, click Import,. browse to the file, and click Open.
    • Add the items manually: Select the sale list, In the Sale Items pane, click New, enter the Part Number and Price (must be zero for BOGO sale items), and then click Save. Repeat this step for all the items.
  5. In the Sales Configuration pane at the bottom of the window, click Save.
  6. In the Pricing Plans pane, and then click Create New Pricing Plan. This will take you to the Pricing Plan tab.
  7. On the Pricing Plan tab, enter a Name for the BOGO sale.
  8. Select the Apply to all transactions check box.
  9. Verify that the Sale List Range specifies your Sale List ID. 
  10. Optional: Set a Date Range. To do this, select the Date Range check box, and set the start and end dates.
  11.  The Discount or Markup option should be set to Advanced Sale, and in the Advanced Settings pane at the right of the window, the Enable Advanced Settings check box should be selected.
  12. in the Advanced Settings pane, select the BOGO Sale Type that you want to create.
  13. Depending on the Sale Type you select, applicable sale options will appear. As you set these options, other options may appear. Continue to set the options until no more appear. Then, click Save.

    Helpful tips

    • As new options appear, you can view a description of the option in the area above the Advanced Settings pane.
    • If you want a description of the BOGO promotion to appear below the invoice item(s) on the receipt, make sure you enter your message text in the Description box. 


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Printed on: 1/24/22