IMPORTANT:  This feature only applies to Ace Hardware stores.

When Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotions are set up in Paladin Point of Sale, the promotion sale dates are specified in two ways:

  • In the pricing plan
  • Individually for each item in all sale lists that are included in the pricing plan

Tip:  Sales list item dates, when provided by Ace Hardware, always take precedent over the pricing plan dates.

Note:  Sale list item dates are saved in your database and cannot be viewed in Paladin Point of Sale.

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Pricing Plan tab.
  3. In the list of pricing plans, click the pricing plan for the Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotion.
  4. In the Date Range Start and Date Range End boxes, enter the new sale start and end dates.
  5. Click Save.  Note: If the Update Sale Dates window appears, one or more sale lists in the pricing plan have their own date range.

    PricingPlanUpdateDates-Message-v1.png (384×155)

  6. If the Update Sale Dates window appeared, choose from these options:
    • To update the sales list dates to match the new pricing plan dates, click Yes.
    • To retain the current sale list dates, click No.

Note: A pricing plan’s Sale List Range Start and Sale List Range End values define the range of sale list IDs in the pricing plan.

Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotion example

In this scenario

This happens

  • Pricing Plan A is set up for an Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotion and includes Sale List
  • Pricing Plan A sale dates are January 1-30.
  • In Sale List B:
    • Item 1 sale dates are January 1-15
    • Item 2 sale dates are not 
  • Item 1 is on sale from January 1-15 because its sale list dates take precedent over the pricing plan 
  • Item 2 is on sale from January 1-30 because it inherits the sale dates from the pricing plan.



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Printed on: 6/29/22