The Square Footage Calculator calculates the line item quantity in square feet for one or more pieces of different dimensions (length x width). Use this calculator for items that you sell by the square foot, such as flooring. 

  1. In the Invoice/Quote module, open the Square Footage Calculator using one of these methods:

    • Right-click the line item, and then select Square Footage Calculator.
    • Highlight the invoice item, and then press Ctrl+S.
  2. In the Square Footage Calculator window, for each item with a different dimension, enter the number of pieces, the length and the width. Then, click Done. The line item  Quantity will be automatically set to the total square footage for all the pieces. A square footage summary shows the data you entered in a separate note line item. 

    Square Footage Calculator screenshot

Note: If you need to edit the dimensions or piece quantities, open the Square Footage Calculator again and make your changes. The line item Quantity will be automatically recalculated.


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Printed on: 1/27/22