Feb, 2021: BlueTarp is now Capital One Trade Credit. This feature is still available but has a new name.

Paladin is fully integrated with BlueTarp®, a third-party financial management service that protects your business from credit risk. BlueTarp® extends credit, takes on the risk of non-payment, and pays you upfront when your customers make purchases. 

If the Paladin Point of Sale BlueTarp® integration and features are turned on, you can follow these steps.  Learn more:  About BlueTarp® financial credit integration

IMPORTANT: A customer must have a zero credit balance with your store

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. In the Customers module, open the customer account.  If the customer does not have an account, create a new customer account.
  3. Click the Balances tab, and verify that the customer has a zero balance with your store.
    Important: If the balance is not zero, you cannot associate their BlueTarp® account with this customer. If you encounter this scenario, you can optionally create a second account in Paladin Point of Sale for BlueTarp® purchases, and then merge the two accounts when the store balance is zero.
  4. With the customer account open, on the bottom ribbon, click Assign Ext. Credit Mgmt System.
  5. Select Associate Existing Customer.
  6. In the Search On list, search for the BlueTarp business account using any of these options:
  7. Click Retrieve Customers.
  8. In the list of search results, select the customer.
  9. Click Register to associate the BlueTarp account. If the association is successful, the External Credit Management Association window will close,
  10. On the bottom ribbon, click Save.

After you associate the customer’s BlueTarp® account a customer, in the Invoice/Quote module, on the Checkout tab, on the bottom ribbon, BlueTarp will replace Charge as a payment type.  Then you can refer to this KBA:  How to charge a purchase to BlueTarp®

Note:  Each BlueTarp® ID can only be associated with one Paladin Point of Sale customer

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.

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Printed on: 4/14/21