Paladin lets you choose a different printer each time you login to an RF terminal. With this, you can mix-and-match RF terminals and RF printers in your store. Once printers are assigned to an RF terminal, you can select a printer when you login to an RF terminal. If you only have one printer, it will be selected by default. For information on assigning RF printers, see How to assign RF printers.

To select a printer:

  1. Login to the RF terminal.
  2. Look for the following message during the login process:
    Bin Tag Output Devices
    Attached Printer [Y/N]
    : The term Attached Printer refers to RF portable printers that may or may not be attached using physical cable.
  3. Press Y, and then press Enter.
  4. When a range of printer numbers appears, select the number of the printer that you want to use. The option to choose a printer number does not appear if there is only one printer defined in Paladin.
    Example: If there are 3 printer options, the text [1-3] is displayed. If you want use the printer specified as RF Attached Printer 2 , select 2 for this option.
  5. You can now print to the printer you selected.


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Printed on: 5/17/22