A customer can have up to three credit cards on file.  These steps can be used for the following devices:

  • Ingenico isc250
  • Ingenico isc350
  • Ingenico isc480
  • Lane 7000
  • Lane 8000

How to add a credit card on file by manually entering the account number on the Ingenico all-in-one credit card device

  1. Open Paladin Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. Log in to the computer connected to the Ingenico device.
  3. Click the Customers module.
  4. Under Stored Credit Cards, click Edit Card Data.
  5. In the Credit Card Manager Window, click Add. The Encrypted Device Input Manager window and this message will appear: Please make your entries in the attached payment terminal.
  6. Click the blue Enter Card button on the Ingenico screen.
  7. Enter the card number, and then press the green Enter button on the Ingenico keypad.
  8. Enter the card’s expiration date as MM/YY, and then press the green Enter button on the Ingenico keypad.
  9. Enter the three-digit CVV or CID number from the back of the card, and then press the green Enter button on the Ingencio keypad.
  10. If AVS Status appears under No AVS Data in the Paladin POS Credit Card Manager window, and the account holder is there, click Update AVS.
  11. Ask the customer to enter their billing address number, and then press Enter.
  12. Ask the customer to enter the ZIP Code on the Ingenico keypad, and then press Enter.
  13. If No Match appears under AVS status in the Credit Card Manager window of Paladin Point of Sale, the information was entered incorrectly or there is no AVS information available for that card.
  14. Try steps 10-13 again to determine if the information was entered incorrectly.
  15. To  save the correct information, click F12 Finish or press F12.


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Printed on: 1/27/22