Streamline the delivery scheduling system for your store with Paladin Configuration settings that simplify the delivery process and reduce the steps for scheduling, coordinating, and fulfilling deliveries.  In the Invoice/Quote module, the Schedule Delivery feature is on the Checkout tab, where the customer payment must be processed before the delivery details will be scheduled.  With this feature, you can do the following:

  • Schedule deliveries and precise times.
  • Add delivery information.
  • Execute invoices that include recipient phone numbers, addresses, and PO numbers.
  • Connect your operations through Mobile2Delivery.

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Delivery  tab.
  3. In the Delivery Options and Delivery Truck panes, specify your preferred options. Descriptions are provided in the tables below.
  4. Click Save, and then click Close.

Delivery Options pane settings

Use this setting To do this
Delivery Truck Required To require a delivery truck selection when the delivery is scheduled
Phone Number Required To require a phone number when the delivery is scheduled
Attach Invoice to Delivery Emails To attach a copy of the invoice to the automated delivery notification email.
Enable COD Deliveries 
Sets whether an item will be paid for at time of delivery.
Set Delivery Hours (start and end times) To define the range of available delivery times
Delivery Slot Interval 

To set the delivery time increment in minutes from these values: 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes

Delivery time windows can be set in multiples of this time increment.

Delivery Truck pane settings

To do this Use this setting

To name and set up delivery trucks

Each truck will appear in the list of available trucks when you schedule a delivery and will have its own time schedule.

In the Delivery Trucks pane, for each delivery truck, enter a Name, and then click Save.

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Printed on: 1/28/22