You can access stock on hand information your designated warehouse | distribution center in Paladin when ordering (PO module) or for an individual item (PO, Inventory and Invoice/Quote modules). This feature is available for these EDI suppliers: Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill

This article contains these two procedures:

Warehouse SOH refresh rate and data

Supplier Refresh rate Data provided
Ace Real-time SOH
True Value Updated nightly SOH, On order quantity
Do It Best

Updated hourly

Note: Only changes in warehouse SOH are reported. Therefore, SOH for a new inventory item in Paladin will not appear until the SOH changes at the warehouse.

Orgill Updated hourly SOH


How to sort your purchase order by warehouse availability

  1. In the PO module, click Recall PO or press F6.
  2. Highlight a purchase order (PO) for a supported supplier, and select the Supplier Stock Check checkbox BEFORE you recall (open) the purchase order.
    supplier stock check checkbox in recall po
  3. Click Recall or press F12 and the purchase order will be sorted into these categories based on warehouse availability:
    • SUPPLIER OUT OF STOCK: Shows PO items that are not in stock at the warehouse.
    • PARTIAL STOCK AVAILABLE: Shows PO items that are in stock at the warehouse, but not enough to cover your current order quantity.
    • STOCK AVAILABLE: Shows PO items that are in stock at the warehouse for your order quantity.

      Ace RSC availablility

  4. To view the warehouse stock on hand for any item on the purchase order, select the item, and then click Stock Check or press F7.

Tip: If your PO is lengthy, you can search for categories using the binoculars icon in the upper-right of the PO window. Enter the search term “stock”.
Search PO for 'stock' to find categories

How to view warehouse SOH for an inventory item

  1. In the Inventory module, open the item. Or in the PO and Invoice/Quote modules, select the line item.
  2. On the bottom ribbon, click Stock Check or press F7.
  3. If available, the warehouse SOH will appear in the Remote Stock Check window. 
    Note: Only the SOH column is filled in.
    Ace remote stock check in inventory module - F7

If you want to change the designated warehouse, contact Paladin Support

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Printed on: 5/12/21