This article includes the following procedures:

  • How to receive an EDI file from True Value
  • How to send the Purchase Order to True Value

How to send a purchase order to True Value

  1. On the top ribbon, click the PO module or press F4.
  2. In the Supplier list, select True Value.
  3. In the Purchase Order tab, do one of the following options:
    • Add items and quantities that you want to order.
    • Recall your Suggested Order.
    • Recall a saved PO.

    Tip To sort your PO by True Value warehouse availability, select Supplier Stock Check before you recall the PO.

  4. On the bottom ribbon, click Confirm PO or press F8.
  5. On the bottom ribbon, click Buy or press F1.
  6. Optional: Enter a PO number.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the Vendor Questions window, in the Designate type of PO list, select a PO type, and then click Next.
  9. In the PO Complete window, click Done   Your next purchase order will automatically upload to True Value.
  10. Check your email account for a confirmation message from True Value.

How to receive an EDI file from True Value

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Inventory module.
  3. On the bottom ribbon, click EDI or press F9.
  4. Click Download files.
  5. In the drop-down list, select True Value, and then click OK.
  6. In the Process True Value Downloads window, select the following boxes:
    • Invoicing
    • Sale List Updates
    • UPC Updates
    • Tiered Item Maintenance
    • Tiered Pricing
  7. Verify that the File Export Drop Location is C\:PaladinPOS\ExportTrueValue. If it is not, contact Paladin Support.
  8. Verify that the XCELFILE Drop Location is C:\XCELFILE. If it is not, contact Paladin Support.
  9. Click Process. A pop-up window will indicate that the files were downloaded.
  10. Click Exit.
  11. Click Browse, and then browse to the C\:PaladinPOSExportTrueValue folder.
  12. Highlight the oldest MRI file that has a file size greater than 0kb, and then click Open.
  13. Click Process EDI File. A message will appear and ask if you want to process all files in this location. Verify that you are in the C\:PaladinPOSExportTrueValue folder location, and then click OK.
  14. Select the sales that your store will participate in. Sale lists will be created automatically.

Note: Before the sale lists can take effect, you will need to create a Pricing Plan.

  1. To see the processed files, click Reporting, highlight a report, and then click Get Selected Report.
  2. Review the report for accuracy.

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Printed on: 6/29/22