In Paladin, every line of an EDI invoice directly updates the open purchase order(s) used to create the electronic order. This provides an automatic means to support both backorders from your EDI suppliers and maintain quantity on orders from suppliers other than your primary EDI source. 

A screen displays at the conclusion of an EDI invoice processing event that presents a list of open purchase orders for the supplier you are processing. Each PO displays a PO number, date, number of line items, PO cost, received cost, and a checkbox indicating if this PO has been closed.



Each PO displays a value for the stock received that matched the PO. There are two tools to finish the receiving event:

  • Received Items Report: Highlight a PO and click Received Items Report to see a line-by-line detail of what was ordered, received, backordered, and/or canceled. If you are unsure if the remaining items on order should stay on order, or have their backorders canceled, this tool helps with that determination.
  • Close Selected POs: Check the box to the left of any PO you want to cancel backorders on for all unreceived product. ClickClose Selected POs. A display indicates these purchase orders have been “Closed” and will not display the next time an EDI invoice is processed for this supplier.

Note: Any PO line item with an outstanding backorder quantity is still on order and will be displayed as such in the inventory screens, reports, and suggested order calculations. If unreceived items are likely to never be received, cancel the backorders by highlighting the PO and click Cancel Backorder.

If you exit this screen without canceling one or more outstanding purchase orders, you can still close these purchase orders by following these steps:

  1. Access the PO section (Alt 4).
  2. Press F5 Receive PO.
  3. Press F6 Find PO.
  4. Enter the supplier you have been working with. From this screen, you have all the options listed above.

If you need line-by-line control, perform the following:

  1. Press F12 Open to open the highlighted PO.
  2. Highlight all PO lines
  3. Press F3 Zero Qty Received.
  4. Scroll to the individual line(s) to cancel.
  5. Click the Del checkbox on the left side of the screen.
  6. When complete, press F8 Process and F1 Process to complete the task.

Limitations: Virtually no EDI supplier allows Paladin to transmit your PO number to them; therefore, they don’t transmit your PO number back to you. When an EDI invoice line is processed, Paladin looks in all open purchase orders for a match. A match may or may not be the specific PO used to order this item, but the item was ordered and is now received. Items received from the supplier that were not found on any open PO are received to stock, but no updates have been performed on purchase orders. If a received quantity is greater than the quantity ordered on a PO, other purchase orders are searched in an attempt to place the remaining received quantity with other purchase orders. If no other orders for this item are found, the received quantity of the first PO contains the entire received amount.

Feature Startup: Since EDI based purchase orders have never been closed, most stores have hundreds, if not thousands, of past EDI purchase orders open. To solve the potential overload this would present to users, Paladin automatically cancels backorders on all EDI suppliers. Most stores have this performed in the middle of the night during the daily (nightly) data validation. No purchase orders from non-EDI suppliers will be touched.

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Printed on: 7/07/22