Paladin provides additional safeguards when you run EDI processes.

EDI processes can only run one at a time

If you try to start an EDI process while another EDI process is running, the new process is put on hold until the current process completes. Paladin will check every two minutes to see if it can start the new EDI process.

The following shows the message that appears in the EDI Processing window when your EDI process is waiting to start.

EDI Processing screen with message that an EDI process is already running

Note: If you want to cancel the EDI process before it starts, click Cancel to close the EDI Processing window.

If the terminal currently running an EDI process is in another store, you will see the following variation of the message.

EDI Processing screen message that an EDI process is already running in another store

When you manually update items and other information in Paladin, your updates are made individually in real-time. An EDI process is a batch process that updates large numbers of items all at the same time. If you run two or more batch processes at the same time, they may interfere with each other. By finishing an EDI process before starting another, you avoid any potential issues.

Additional protection for multi-store installations

Before an EDI process starts in a multi-store installation, Paladin tries to communicate with the shared enterprise database installed on the computer known as the publisher server. If communication with the database is not possible, the message in the following screenshot appears, and the EDI process is put on hold until the communication issue is corrected.

IMPORTANT: If you see this message, this is a Store Down Emergency and you must do the following:

  1. Contact your network provider to restore the network connection.
  2. Report the emergency to Paladin Point of Sale Emergency Support.
  1. Call (800) 725-2346.
  2. Press 2 for Customer Support.
  3. Press 2 for Store Down Emergency.

EDI Processing screen with publisher server offline error message

If you keep the EDI Processing window open when this message appears, Paladin will try to communicate with the publisher server every two minutes. Once the connection to the publisher server is established, the EDI process is started.

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Printed on: 5/18/22