To merge accounts, you choose a primary account, and then search for and select duplicate accounts. After the merge, the primary account remains, and the designated duplicate accounts are deleted.

Only the following information from the duplicate accounts is merged into the primary account. If you want to keep duplicate account information that is not merged, you must add it to the primary account before you start the merge.

  • Account transaction history. After the merge, the primary account will contain a combined transaction history of the merged accounts.
  • Account balances. After the merge, the primary account balance will be a sum of the balances of the merged accounts. Example: If the original primary account balance is $5.25 and the duplicate account balance is $2.75, the new combined account balance will be $8.00.
  • Rewards and other Alternate Customer IDs. After the merge, the primary account will contain all the Rewards and other Customer IDs from the primary and duplicate accounts.

Customer merge process



To merge duplicate accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Open Paladin and sign in with an account that has administrator privileges.
  2. On the top ribbon, select the Customers module
  3. Search for and display the customer account that will be the primary account.
  4. With the primary account displayed, press Ctrl+M to display a Customer Merge window. If prompted, enter your admin password.
  5. In the Customer Merge window, use one of the following search options to find and display duplicate accounts.
    • Find Matches By search. The Find Matches By search finds accounts with values that exactly match in all of the selected fields. Therefore, as you select more field values, fewer matches are likely. To perform the Find Matches By search, check Find Matches By, select the account values that you want to match, and then click Search>>.

Customer merge find matches by (exact match) account search

Examples: If only the Name field is selected, accounts that exactly match the primary account Name value are returned. If both Name and Phone fields are selected, a match occurs when accounts have the exact same Name and Phone values. If the primary account has Name and Phone value, and second account has the same Name, but the Phone field is blank, these accounts are not considered a match, and the second account will not be displayed. All options are initially selected. If you are not getting the results you expect, select fewer options or try the Advanced Lookup search instead.

To deselect any option, click its checkbox to clear it. The list of matches can include both active and inactive (deleted) accounts.

    • Advanced Lookup (Adv Lookup) search. The Advanced Lookup search finds customer accounts that have the search term you provide in the account field you select. This search is independent of the primary account and does not try to match primary account values. Therefore, the primary account may appear in the list of results. To perform this search, check Adv Lookup checkbox and then select an account field to search. By default, both active and inactive accounts are searched. To exclude inactive accounts, check Exclude Inactive. In the text box next to the Exclude Inactive option enter the value you want to search for, and then click Search>>.

Customer merge advanced lookup account search

Example: If the primary account name is John Smith, you may want to search for accounts that have “Smith” in the Name field to find other family members.

  1. In the search results, for every account you want to merge, check Merge. If the primary account appears in the search results, do not select it.
  2. When you are ready to start merging, on the bottom of the Customer Merge window, click Merge.

Customer merge select accounts to merge

3. In the Database Merge window, if you are certain that you have a backup of your Paladin database, click Yes. A database backup is required because a customer merge cannot be undone. If you are unsure if your database is backed up, click No to stop the customer merge process.

Customer merge verify that you have a backup messsage


4. For each account that you want to merge, the Merge Success window tells you if the merge is successful. Click OK in each window.
Customer Merge success message

Note: If the primary account appears in the search results, you may receive the message shown below. There is no other action you need to take, and other selected accounts can still be merged. Click OK to proceed with the merge.

Customer Merge-Can't merge account with itself error


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Printed on: 5/20/22