When you create a special order (SO) for items that you do not carry or in unusually large quantities, use the Special Order tab in the Advanced Lookup window to search for and add the items to the invoice. Then, save (store) the invoice as a Special Order. You can find instructions for this method in this KBA: How to create special orders.

Why use this method?

  • If the SO part number you enter is found in your active inventory or obscure inventory (supplier catalogs), item information is automatically auto-populated.
  • The SO item is given a unique ID, so it does not interfere with your normal inventory.
  • The SO item is blocked from being re-ordered. If the item is one that you normally stock, the special order quantity will not affect the normal inventory item or appear in it’s the sales history.
  • The SO item is assigned a department ID that identifies the salesperson. This feature allows you to view a breakdown of special order sales by salesperson in the comparative revenue reports.
  • A pending purchase order is automatically created for the SO item, but the order will not affect future sales projections or re-order quantities.
    Note: Items and quantities added directly to a special order invoice (not using the Special Order tab) will be considered in future sales projections and affect item re-order calculations.

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Printed on: 10/17/21