Paladin accepts international addresses and street names for AVS verification.

  • Adding a card on-file in the Customers module. When a customer’s credit card is tokenized and stored in their account, street names and international addresses can be entered as well as the traditional street number and zip code. This information is entered in the Credit Card Manager window, in the Address column.

    Enter AVS for card-on-file

  • Processing a credit card purchase. In Paladin, in the Invoice/Quote module, in the Checkout tab, during the credit card approval process, a new Enter AVS Information window appears. The cashier must enter the customer’s address number, address name (if required by the credit card processor), and zip code for AVS verification. International addresses are also accepted.


Enter AVS data window in Paladin Point of Sale

If the credit card purchase is approved, but AVS verification fails or partially fails, we recommend that you press ESC, ask for another form or payment, or cancel the sale.

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Printed on: 5/17/22