To see a list of articles about a subject, click any of the following “About” articles. For example, to find topics about purchase orders, click About purchase orders.  Then, to read a KBA, just click a title within the list.

About adjustments
About applying the F4 discount to manually-priced items
About applying the F4 Discount to respect a minimum margin
About Advanced Lookup
About AVS verification
About Avalara AvaTax™
About bin tags and shelf tags
About BOGO sales
About cash drawers
About cash drops
About creating reports
About credit cards and gift cards
About customer accounts
About customer projects
About customer types
About defective items
About exporting data to QuickBooks
About the Footage Calculator
About exporting inventory data from the Data Viewer to MS Excel
About the General Ledger Summary report of total balances
About gift cards for Ace Hardware
About gift cards for Vantiv
About IN-STORE PICKUP for Ace Hardware
About inventory on hold
About the Invoice Importer
About the Items Sold Report
About item tags
About kits
About layaway orders
About messages for customers at check out
About the Microsoft Access Template
About Mobile2Deliver
About multiple IDs on one customer account
About PaladinNSight™
About posting or reversing a charge account payment to a Balance Forward statement
About posting, applying or reversing a charge account payment to an Open Item statement
About pricing plans and sale lists
About printing a receipt
About purchase orders
About quantity price discounts
About quotes
About reference margins
About report presets
About reprinting a customer’s prior statement or invoice
About restricted items
About returns
About Rich Rewards
About rounding schemes
About sales commission reports
About services and repairs
About special orders
About statements
About the Stop Meth system
About store credits
About stored transactions
About suggested order reports
About supplier ratios
About the Tax, Def, and Net check boxes for each line item on an invoice
About taxes
About the transaction process
About webinars


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