With the Syntech FuelMaster integration, you can sell fuel at gas pumps that are outside of your store front, and do the following:

  • Attach Syntech FuelMaster invoices to Paladin customer accounts.
  • Add Syntech FuelMaster charge purchases to a customer’s account balance.
  • Manage Syntech FuelMaster fuel purchases as inventory items.
  • Benefit from Paladin’s Market Driven Inventory Management™ system, which forecasts future fuel needs based on your sales history and other relevant data.

To turn on the Syntec FuelMaster integration in your store, contact Paladin Support.

When Syntech FuelMaster is set up for your store, you can follow these procedures in this order:

  1. Add Syntech FuelMaster account numbers to Paladin customer accounts.
  2. Create Syntech FuelMaster inventory items.
  3. Process Syntech FuelMaster invoices with the EDI system in Paladin.
  4. View Syntech FuelMaster invoices in a customer’s sale history.

This articles provide the following information and instruction:

Track and manage Syntech FuelMaster purchases in Paladin

The FuelMaster EDI process is typically run at the end of each business day to record the day’s FuelMaster purchases and update your fuel inventory in Paladin.

When you track fuel as a Paladin inventory item, you also benefit from Paladin’s Market Driven Inventory Management™ system. This advanced technology forecasts future fuel needs based on your sales history and other relevant data. These useful projections are calculated automatically and help prevent a fuel shortage. Being able to see what the future brings helps you know what you need to do today.

After the FuelMaster integration is turned on, and before you process FuelMaster invoice files, you must add customers’ Syntech FuelMaster account numbers to their Paladin Point of Sale customer accounts as alternate IDs. FuelMaster customer account numbers are used to associate invoices with Paladin customer accounts. Alternate IDs are added to a customer account in the Electronic tab of the Customers module.

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How to add a SynTech FuelMaster account number to a customer account

After the Syntech FuelMaster integration is turned on, you must create an alternate ID in Paladin to associate each Syntech FuelMaster customer account number with a Paladin customer account.

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Customers module.
  2. Search for and view the customer account.
  3. Click the Electronic tab.
  4. In the Alternate Customer IDs pane, click Edit ID Data.
  5. In the EnterAlt ID box, enter the customer’s Triple E account number.
  6. In the list of alternate ID options, select SynTech FuelMaster.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click F12 Finish.

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Matching customer account not found

If an invoice’s Syntech FuelMaster customer account number does not match a Syntech FuelMaster alternate ID in any Paladin customer account, the invoice is processed in one of these ways:

  • If the fuel was purchased with a credit card, the invoice is added to the CashSale account with the account ID of 0. This account is designated for transactions with an unspecified customer account. The payment type (PmtType) is import coupon. In the customer’s sales history, import coupon is abbreviated to IMPORT. The import coupon designation separates FuelMaster transactions from other credit card transactions when you search for specific payment types in the Transaction Report.

    You can view the credit card invoices in the Cash Sale, 0 account’s sales history. The picture illustrates the process.

  • If the purchase was a charge transaction, a new customer account is created with the name SYNTECH FUELMASTER: #### where #### is the FuelMaster account number. The FuelMaster account number is also included as an alternate ID.

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How to create a SynTech FuelMaster inventory item

To manage Syntech FuelMaster quantities in Paladin, first select an existing department for Syntech FuelMaster items or create a new one. Then, create an inventory item for each Syntech FuelMaster inventory item, assign it to this department, and then set the part number or alternate part number to match the Syntech FuelMaster part number.  Each new item must have a cost and quantity and Syntech FuelMaster as the supplier. To create Syntech FuelMaster transactions in Paladin, you must also set a price.

  1. Choose an existing department to use for Syntech FuelMaster inventory items, or create a new one.  Learn more:  How to create a department
  2. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Inventory module.
  3. On the bottom ribbon of the module, click F2 Add Item.
  4. In the Add New Item window, in the Part # box, enter the Syntech FuelMaster part number.
  5. In the Description box, enter a description for the item.
  6. In the Cost box, enter the cost per gallon.  You can enter up to three decimal places.
  7. Optional: In the Sell Price box, enter the price rounded to the nearest cent.

    Note: If you create Syntech FuelMaster transactions in the Invoice/Quote module, this step is required.

  8. In the SOH box, enter the current fuel quantity in gallons.
  9. In the Department list, select the department that you want to use for Syntech FuelMaster items.
  10. Click F12 Add.
  11. In the Inventory module, open the Order Control tab.
  12. In the Suppliers pane, in the Supplier 1 list, select Syntech FuelMaster.
  13. Click F12 Save.

Note: During EDI processing, if an unknown FuelMaster part number is encountered, a new inventory item will be created automatically with the description Syntech FuelMaster-## where ## is the part number. When this happens, a price, cost and supplier are not automatically set.

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If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.

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Printed on: 10/05/22