With the Syntech FuelMaster integration, you can sell fuel at gas pumps that are outside of your store front, and do the following:

  • Attach Syntech FuelMaster invoices to Paladin Point of Sale customer accounts.
  • Add Syntech FuelMaster charge purchases to a customer’s account balance.
  • Manage Syntech FuelMaster fuel purchases as inventory items.
  • Benefit from Paladin’s Market Driven Inventory Management™ system, which forecasts future fuel needs based on your sales history and other relevant data.

To turn on the Syntec FuelMaster integration in your store, contact Paladin Support.

When Syntech FuelMaster is set up for your store, you can follow these procedures in this order:

  1. Add Syntech FuelMaster account numbers to Paladin Point of Sale customer accounts.
  2. Create Syntech FuelMaster inventory items.
  3. Process Syntech FuelMaster invoices with the EDI system in Paladin Point of Sale.
  4. View Syntech FuelMaster invoices in a customer’s sale history.

The following Knowledge Base articles provide step-by-step instructions:



How to add a Syntech FuelMaster account number to a customer account


How to create a Syntech FuelMaster inventory item


EDI:  Syntech FuelMaster:  How to send and receive files


How to view a customer’s sale history and invoices


Note:  For illustrations and more details, see this release note:  Track and manage Syntech FuelMaster purchases in Paladin Point of Sale


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Printed on: 5/16/22