The Profit Analyst shows you the cost, profit and margin for any line item in your invoice (Current Line values) or quote and  for the total (Invoice values). Store owners and managers can use this information to fine-tune complex quotes and when special pricing is required.

Note: An employee cannot use Profit Analyst unless they are explicitly given access. Learn more:  How to give an employee access to the Profit Analyst

As you adjust the retail price and quantities on the invoice, the Profit Analyst values will automatically update. All values are based on the pre-tax subtotal.

Use the Profit Analyst to intelligently customize retail prices, and you can increase sales in your store.

Note: Profit Analyst uses the reference margin on non-inventory items (dump skus) as the margin to calculate the profit for these items. To learn how to set a references margin, see How to set a reference margin on an inventory item

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How to access the Profit Analyst Invoice/Quote
How to set a reference margin on a non-inventory item so the Profit Analyst will calculate the profit Inventory
How to give an employee access to the Profit Analyst Setup

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