You can include multiple rewards numbers or other IDs, such as a pharmacy customer ID, in a customer account.  This feature lets families or other groups have one account and one purchase history all in one place.

  • Each customer account can have unlimited alternate IDs, but must have one ID as the default.
  • Each ID must have a number and a type that identifies how the ID is to be used, such as Rapid Rewards or specific pharmacy brands.
  • All ID numbers must be unique within Paladin Point of Sale. For example, you cannot have two customers that both have alternate IDs of 100.
  • The default ID will be listed first in the Electronic tab in the Customers module.
  • To find a customer account using Advanced Lookup, select the Rewards Number search option, and enter any of the alternate IDs.

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See the following screen shots.
Alt customer ID window

Alt IDs on Electronic tab

Alt customer ID window


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