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Title Category
Improve your customer experience and increase revenues with our updated Delivery functionality Checkout
Discover new features in Paladin Point of Sale New features
Encourage giving with the Round Up for Charity feature Invoice/Quote
Create price harmony with rounding schemes  Inventory

Building your customer base with RepeatRewards


ID badges:  Scan you way to more security and efficiency

ID badges

Social media marketing: Get started with Facebook

Social media

Best Practices: Year End Prep


Best Practices: Trade Discounts


Best Practices: Customer Returns


Best Practices: Supplier Returns


Paladin Essentials – The Invoice/Quote module


The many uses for reference margin


PaladinNsight™: Expose wasted investment dollars with the Non-performing Assets Tool

 Inventory, PaladinNsight™

PaladinNsight: Catch items that are slipping away with the Loss Experience Tool

Inventory, PaladinNsight™

PaladinNsight™: Manage your inventory investment with the Investment Review tool

Inventory, PaladinNsight™

PaladinNsight™: Clean up your inventory with the Lost Opportunity tool

Inventory, PaladinNsight™
PaladinNsight™: Hunt down lost revenue with the Lost Opportunity tool Inventory, PaladinNsight™
The Layaway Renaissance Invoices
Remember to upsell your clientele Upselling
The Min/Display mystery  Project items
Your register balance:  The daily reckoning  Reports
Little known reports:  Treasures buried within Paladin  Reports
Keep your inventory classy  Inventory
A 400% increase in sales:  Now that’s magic  Sales
Heard it through the grapevine  Messages to customers
What’s a GMROI? Return on investment
Accounts Receivable for everyone! Accounting
Invoicing brings it all together Invoices
Put together your next sale in record time Sales
Suggested Order. Better than a magic 8 ball Suggested orders
Splits happen! The new Invoice (Store) ” tab” Invoices
Shields up! Protect your data and computers Privacy and security
Bracing for Black Friday and beyond Holidays
The mighty F6 key F6 key functions
Building profits with lumber specific features Lumber, profits
Gift bundles add cheer to holiday sales Holidays
Webinars you won’t want to miss Webinar topics
The new Help Portal: One search, many happy returns Help Portal
All about that kit part II Kits
They’re at it again–More new features in Paladin! Features
Draw outside the lines: Reference margins and rounding schemes Reference margins, rounding schemes
Custom reports using Microsoft Access Reports
Saving your data for a rainy day, or a tornado day, or a flood day…. Privacy and security
Do your homework: Add jobs, projects, or patients to house account profiles House accounts
Sales tax compliance – a love story Sales tax
Strange encounters of the checkout kind Checkout
Get a blast from the past: Explore your store’s data history Data history
First to know! Mastering the new general release 9976 features General release
In-Store Marketing on a Shoe String – POS Billboards Marketing
Demystifyimg EMV – What’s it all about anyway? EMV
The devil in the dump SKU Dump SKU, inventory
Return to sender – defective items Returns
Fairytale re-FLEX-ion – SIGIS made simple Pharmacy
Class act–Requiring information by class Checkout
Quick quick slow – slow movers report Reports
Automating sales, promotions and trade discounts Marketing
Special orders made easy! Special orders
Introducing Paladin BizServices Bizservices
Special guest speaker: Nathan from Total Watcher Protection! Privacy and security
Not my first ratio – wrangling your supplier ratios Supplier ratios
All about that kit part I Kits
In the mix- new invoice importer feature Invoices, reports
Double trouble – customer merge feature (New) Customers
Beyond compare – understanding your period comparative revenue report Reports
Wood you believe – new lumber features! Lumber features
First to know! Mastering the new general release 9737 features General release
The power of advanced lookup Search, Advanced Lookup
F4 discount item button essentials F4 key functions
Integration with Margin Master Margins
The business of bin tags Tags
Why type when you can scan, new 2-D scanners Hardware
Pictures in Paladin? We can do that! Pictures, photos, images
Paladin updates new features you may not know about Features, shortcuts
Year-end prep Reports, year-end
Go faster with Paladin shortcuts and time saving features Features, shortcuts
9 functions of the RF gun RF unit
How to handle credit card failover Credit cards
Monitor the health of your inventory using the new PaladinNsight Dashboards PaladinNsight, Inventory
Tracking and selling serialized items Items
Import/export inventory and access obscure inventory Inventory
Unraveling the mysteries of inventory control: part 3 Inventory
Unraveling the mysteries of inventory control: part 2 Inventory
Unraveling the mysteries of inventory control part 1 Inventory
Unlocking the secrets of inventory reports and controls Inventory
Marketing in the 21st century Marketing
Customizing the invoicing process to fit your store’s specific needs Invoices
Selling and configuring quantity price discounts and multiple selling units Discounts
Special Orders made easy by using the Paladin SO process Special orders
Computer security: how Paladin can help Privacy and security
Accounting terms: balance forward vs. open item Accounting, balance forward, open item
New Paladin feature: Mobile2Deliver Mobile
Top 10 success tips to increase the bottom line protecting your nest egg Best practices
RX enhancements you will want to see Pharmacy
Top 5 business practices Best practices
Building customer loyalty to strengthen your retail business Sales, customer loyalty
Custom reports using Excel & ODBC Reports, ODBC
Top 10 most overlooked features Features


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