The Credit Card Deposit report shows the total amount charged to non-swiped credit cards with a partial AVS (Address Verification Services) approval. A partial AVS approval is given when either the billing street address number or the billing zip code are verified, but not both.

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How to create the Credit Card Deposit report Reports

About AVS verification

AVS verification reduces credit card processing rates for non-swiped credit cards. While the lowest rates occur when both the billing street address number and zip code are verified, the rate for a partially-verified credit card (only one number was verified or supplied) is still lower than a card with an unsuccessful (or no) AVS verification.

Monitor and correct AVS issues to save money

The Credit Card Deposit report shows you the daily partial and unapproved AVS credit card totals. You may be able to reduce your credit card processing costs by correcting customer billing addresses for credit cards on-file in Paladin Point of Sale.

To find out which customers had AVS verification failures and for other AVS failure information, create the AVS Attention List report (see instructions below). This report opens an Excel spreadsheet with a description of the AVS issue and the relevant customer information on-file, such as the customer name, address verification values, email address and last four digits of the credit card. You can use this information to request updated information from customers and the spreadsheet format can be used to drive an automated email campaign.

Important: To prevent identity theft, make sure that your customers do not provide credit card information by email. This information should be provided in-person, by phone or by fax.

If you are not using AVS to verify non-swiped credit card purchases, you can save money by adding AVS to your checkout process. Paladin Point of Sale supports AVS verification for both MercuryPay® and Element Payment Services.

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