How to set the minimum margin for a department

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Click File, and then click Setup. Click the Dept tab. If you have multiple stores, in the list of stores, highlight the store where you want to make the change. If you have multiple stores, in the list of stores, highlight the store where you want to make the change. In the list of departments, highlight […]

How to insert subtotals on an invoice

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base

When items are added or removed from the invoice, subtotals will be automatically adjusted.  The subtotal is calculated from the previous subtotal.  If no prior subtotal exists, the subtotal is calculated from the start of the invoice. In the Invoice/Quote module, right-click an invoice line item, and then select Insert Subtotal.  The subtotal will be inserted above […]

How to manage obscure inventory access for a supplier

Knowledge Base, Setup

Many suppliers provide an all-item catalog that can be imported into Paladin Point of Sale using an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process. Catalog items that are not in active inventory are called obscure inventory items. If your store is set up with EDI, you can follow these steps:  On the File menu, click Setup. Click […]

Email Manager

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Today’s customers are increasingly interested in receiving invoices and other correspondence through email. Paladin supports this by including email options for quotes, invoices, purchase orders, statements, and more. Email Manager offers a consistent email experience throughout Paladin. When you use the email feature to manually email invoices, quotes, purchase orders, sales history, and other information, […]

How to display Description 2 on the original invoice

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base

When you add the item to an invoice, Paladin Point of Sale can display the inventory item’s Description 2 text (from the Inventory module) in the Description box. When this feature is turned on, a salesperson can view Description 2 when s/he is creating an invoice.  Description 2 will always be printed on the original […]

How to change the dates for Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotions

Knowledge Base, Setup

IMPORTANT:  This feature only applies to Ace Hardware stores. When Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotions are set up in Paladin Point of Sale, the promotion sale dates are specified in two ways: In the pricing plan Individually for each item in all sale lists that are included in the pricing plan Tip:  Sales list item dates, when […]

SynTech FuelMaster EDI

EDI, Integration, Inventory, Knowledge Base, Setup

This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to send and receive files How to send and receive files The Syntech FuelMaster invoice file must be accessible from the Paladin terminal where you perform EDI processing, and you must know the file location.  As each invoice is processed, status messages will appear.  When […]

Syntech FuelMaster

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With the Syntech FuelMaster integration, you can sell fuel at gas pumps that are outside of your store front, and do the following: Attach Syntech FuelMaster invoices to Paladin customer accounts. Add Syntech FuelMaster charge purchases to a customer’s account balance. Manage Syntech FuelMaster fuel purchases as inventory items. Benefit from Paladin’s Market Driven Inventory […]

User’s Guide: Mobile2Checkout app

Knowledge Base, Mobile Services

The Mobile2Checkout app allows you to sell from anywhere with an internet connection. Available for any Android device, the app’s intuitive design and easy-to-learn interface lets you make sales and process returns. The app supports payment using cash and credit cards (WorldPay processing and uDynamo card reader required). New Mobile2Checkout features may require an app […]

How to set the initial sort order for recalled transactions

Knowledge Base, Setup

In the Recall Transaction window, you can choose how quotes (and other recalled transactions) are initially sorted: By date from newest to oldest (This is the default.) Alphabetically by name On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Invoice (Store) tab. In the Invoices pane, in the Recall Transaction Default Sort […]