How to create the Serial Number List Report

Knowledge Base, Reports

Open the Reports module or press ALT + 5. In the Report Area pane, click Inventory,  and then click General. In the Report List pane, click Serial Number List. Click Next or press F12. To filter your results, in the Report Settings pane, set a value range for any category. To include only one category […]

How to create Benjamin Moore OSR and CCP reports

Knowledge Base, Reports

If you participate in Benjamin Moore OSR (Outside Sale Rep) or CCP (Contractor & Commercial Pricing) programs, Paladin can create the reports required by Benjamin Moore. Important notes: If you use the OSR program, you must perform some initial setup steps (see procedure below). If you are only enrolled in the CCP program, there is […]

User’s Guide: Tax Holiday

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Taxes

A tax holiday is a time period during which some items are sold tax-free or partially tax-free. For example, during a tax holiday, customers may be able to purchase outdoor recreation items or school supplies and not pay sales tax. Or customers may be able to purchase some more expensive items, such as a $400 […]

Troubleshooting: Accounting integrations

Knowledge Base, Troubleshoot

ISSUE: Received inventory in Paladin did not create a vendor bill in the accounting software TRY: Check for receive POs that were scheduled for transfer but are still waiting to be uploaded. On a store terminal, in Paladin, on the Maintain menu, click Data Viewer. Click the Accounting Uploads tab.  Adjust the time period to […]

How to set up the insufficient SOH message

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Setup

To be notified when you enter an invoice quantity exceeds your current stock on hand, turn on the Insufficient SOH message. This message will not appear for non-inventory items and you can limit it to a range of locations. On the File menu, click Setup. Click the Invoice(Store) tab. Select Enable Oversold Warning. Optional: To […]