Collect on Delivery (COD) User’s Guide

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The collect on delivery (COD) feature allows your customers to pay for purchases when they are delivered.  The payment option is available when you use the Schedule Delivery feature in these scenarios:  A customer has no store credit  A customer exceeds their store credit  This user’s guide contains the following topics:  How to turn on the COD feature  How to collect on delivery when […]

Paladin Settings: Receivables tab

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The Receivables settings control how monthly statements are generated in Paladin.  To access these settings, in Paladin, on the File menu, click Setup and then click the Receivables tab.     Setting  Description  Enable Statement Generation  Turns on statements.   Requires Paladin Support  Invoice Hold When  Prevent customers with a past due balance from making a charge payment when the payment is overdue […]

EDI: EJD: How to send and receive files

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This article contains these procedures: How to send a purchase order to EJD How to download and process EJD EDI files How to send a purchase order to EJD On the top ribbon, click the PO module or press Alt + 4. In the Purchase Order tab, do one of the following options: Create a PO. Recall a PO […]

User’s Guide: FastBound Integration

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Paladin integrates with FastBound so you can receive and sell firearms in Paladin while simultaneously updating FastBound. Learn more about the FastBound integration How to receive firearms in Paladin and automatically acquire them in FastBound How to sell a firearm in Paladin and automatically dispose of it in FastBound  How to add a firearm inventory item in Paladin  How to handle a transferred firearm that was purchased at another FFL How to add a firearm supplier […]

Overview: PO Quick Access (right-click) menu in the PO module

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Right-click a purchase order line item to get immediate access to these commonly used tasks and tools. Menu options when you create a PO Select this menu option To do this Insert Line Item Insert a blank line item above the selected line item.   Benefit:  Insert a line-item anywhere in the invoice. Delete Line […]

How to apply freight cost to an EDI invoice

EDI, Knowledge Base

In the Inventory module, click EDI or press F7, and then click Reporting. In the EDI Reporting window, invoices that are eligible for a freight cost have a red X icon in the Freight column. Highlight an invoice with a red X and click Apply Freight. In the EDI Freight Cost window, select the freight cost distribution method: If you select Item Cost, […]

How to automatically number quotes

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Setup

A configuration setting lets you automatically number quotes for easy reference. Quote numbers are added to a Note line item when you print or store the quote. If you store the quote, the number is also appended to the quote’s Memo text. This allows you to quickly find the quote by number in the Recall Transaction window.   To turn on this […]

How to adjust the volume on a Lane 7000

Knowledge Base, Setup

On the Lane 7000 keypad, press 2634 and then press the F key. Tap Control Panel.  Tap Terminal Settings. Tap Human Interface. Tap Beep and then select Beep on Key Press. Tap Volume. Use the pen to adjust the volume and then press the green circle to set volume. On the keypad, press the yellow Back button, […]

How to exclude Special Orders from calculating rewards

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Note: This feature only applies to Ace Rewards, Rich Rewards and Repeat Rewards. In Paladin, go to File > Setup. Click the Class tab. Create a new class named “SO Rewards Exclusion” and select the No Rewards option. Click New. In the Name box, enter this: SO Rewards Exclusion In the Class ID box, enter an […]

Exclude special orders from earning rewards

New Features

This feature applies to Ace Rewards, Rich Rewards and Repeat Rewards. In a just few steps, you can automatically exclude special orders from earning rewards. Step 1: In Paladin, go to File > Setup > Class tab and create a new class for special orders. We suggest a class name like this: SO Rewards Exclusion […]

Paladin report enhancements

Features and Updates, New Features

We’ve updated some of our popular reports with new features. Excel version of the Credit Card Deposit Report We’ve added an Excel version of the Credit Card Deposit Report with a complete list of transactions as well as separate tabs for each employee or terminal, depending on your report settings. Excel Transaction Report gets a […]